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Vacuum Pump Ceramic Bearings

Price: From $210.00 to $298.00

Manufacturer: aerospace

CERAMIC VACUUM PUMP BEARINGS : Ceramic Bearings Offer the following improvements over conventional steel bearings.

  • Less rolling resistance
  • Reduced thermal expansion
  • Run cooler
  • Longer life
  • Corrosion resistant Stainless Steel races
  • Corrosion proof ceramic balls
  • Double Sealed
  • Installation must be done at Aerospace Components (not sold without installing in house)

Add this item to the purchase of a new Vacuum Pump or Vacuum Pump kit and we will install them free. If you choose to add ceramic bearings to an existing pump, it requires that you send your pump in. Ceramic bearings require a lighter press fit, machining to the housing is required for proper installation into an existing housing.

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